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hibiscus natural solution for split ends and hair loss

Hibiscus is used by Hawaiian ladies in an interestingly unique way. Apparently, if a lady is wearing a hibiscus on her left ear, it indicates that she is unmarried. If the hibiscus is on the right ear of a lady, it means she is married.

This exquisite flower, especially the red one, has a special place when it comes to spirituality as it represents goddess Durga (in Hindu Culture) and is also offered to Lord Ganesha with deep devotion.

Hibiscus – Natural solution for split ends and hair loss

The right flower to make your wish to have strong and long hair come true is just a few hibiscuses away.

Here are some of the benefits of using hibiscus leaves on hair:

Split ends

Modern hair treatments like straightening, blow-drying, and curling can leave your hair dry and brittle. Extended use of chemicals and heat-based tools then lead to split ends. Split ends hair treatment is a fairly straightforward and easy process. The first step to reduce split ends is to minimise heat-based treatments and nourish your hair regularly to avoid dryness.

For further damage control, it is advised to use Ayurvedic hibiscus hair oil. If possible, grow hibiscus flowers and leaves in your home and prepare a hair serum for regular scalp application. For those who don’t know how to use hibiscus flowers for hair oil, we have explained the process later in this article.

Apart from following this hair care regimen, there are a few other things that you can do to reverse the damage and prevent split ends from ever happening again. When you brush and detangle your hair after a head wash, use a gentle brush or wide-tooth comb. Let your hair dry naturally; avoid blow-drying and other heat tools. Get a pillowcase made from silk or satin. The soft texture will prevent friction; thereby, curbing the damage that your hair suffers all night long.

Loss of hair

Hibiscus medicinal uses also include hair fall control. Hair fall can happen due to several reasons, from something as simple as stress to a more complex condition that involves hormonal imbalance or elevated doshas. Most women suffer abnormal hair loss due to chemical -and -heat-based hair treatments. In that case, it is recommended to use oil made from hibiscus for hair loss control, but that is not going to be enough to reverse the years of damage. Using hibiscus for hair fall is fruitful when combined with proper nutrition, exercise and a chemical-free hair care routine.

You can bring home a hibiscus plant and grow it with utmost care and nourishment. Boil a flower or two in coconut oil and heat the flower till it loses its juice. This oil can be applied half an hour before taking a bath for best results.

  • Split ends
  • Loss of hair

You can bring home a hibiscus plant and grow it with utmost care and nourishment. Boil a flower or two in coconut oil and heat the flower till it loses its juice. This oil can be applied half an hour before taking a bath for best results.

Take a couple of flowers, squeeze them as much as you can till you get the juice out of the flowers. The natural scalp and hair care recipe is ready. You can wash your hair thirty to forty minutes after the application of hibiscus oil for hair. .

Planting a Hibiscus plant may not be always possible or even bringing the flowers to follow these tips. Hence we recommend you to try Health Daughter Kesini Oil which contains hibiscus as one of its major active ingredients and also the goodness of other authentic ayurvedic ingredients best suited for your hair.

So comb your hair the way you want. No need to worry about bad hairstyle due to split ends of the hair. Hibiscus is here to repair those crooked split ends and pave way for healthy bouncy hair.

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