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Post Delivery Loss of Appetite, Weakness, Indigestion, Flatulence and Distension

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Aboout Jeerkadharishta

Jeerkadharishta is an Ayurvedic medicine used for the management of symptoms arising during the postnatal period. Most women develop weakness, stress, and anxiety after delivery, which can have a serious effect on their general health. Jeerakarishtam can help in treating these symptoms and thus, promotes the mental and physical health of these women. Jeerakarishtam is also called Jeerakadyarishtam or Jirakadyarishtam. This medicine is prepared from powerful herbs that have been used since centuries as a tonic for the female reproductive system. These herbs possess medicinal properties, which allow a woman in the postnatal period to manage this stressful period with ease.

Jeerakarishtam Ingredients For Jeerakarishtam

  • Jeera (Cumin Seeds) ? Cuminum Cyminum
  • Water
  • Jaggery (Gur)
  • Dhataki ? Woodfordia Fruticosa
  • Sonth (dried ginger root) ? Zingiber Officinale
  • Jaiphal (Nutmeg) ? Myristica Fragrans
  • Mustak (Nut Grass) ? Cyprus Rotundus
  • Dalchini (Cinnamon) ? Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
  • Tejpata (Indian Bay Leaf) ? Cinnamomum Tamala
  • Elaichi (Cardamom) ? Elettaria Cardamomum
  • Nagkesar ? Mesua Ferrea
  • Ajwain (Carom Seeds) -Trachyspermum Ammi
  • Kababchini (Kankola) ? Piper Cubeba
  • Laung (Clove) ? Syzygium Aromaticum

Therapeutic Indications For Jeerakarishtam

  • Debility after delivery
  • Poor appetite
  • Body pains
  • Stiffness
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever & Infections
  • Phthisis
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Acid peptic disorders ? hyperacidity, heartburn, indigestion, GERD etc.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Insomnia linked with IBS
  • Pruritus
  • Abdominal pains with burning sensation

Traditional health benefits of Jeerakaristam:

  • Sootikamaya ? After delivery complications in the mother like, fever, indigestion, cough, cold, etc.
  • Grahani ? Malabsorption syndrome, IBS
  • Atisara ? Diarrhea
  • Vahni Vikruti ? digestive disorders
  • Asthma, loss of voice, hiccup and sprains.
  • All vata disorders.

Jeerakarishtam Benefits & Medicinal Uses

Jeerakarishtam is a digestive tonic for all and uterine tonic and detoxifier for women. Some of its benefits are as follows.

Postpartum Fever

Dashmularishta (Dasamoolarishtam) is the main medicine for postpartum fever and infections, but it is contraindicated when a woman has heartburn, burning sensation, heat sensation in hands and feet, and other Pitta symptoms. If the patient has Pitta symptoms, then Jeerakarishtam is a good choice for her. However, it works well if fever is low-grade and develops into a chronic disease/infection. In acute cases, it may not be beneficial. In chronic cases, many women have complaints of laziness, malaise, stiffness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, excessive thirst etc., and then it is highly recommendable along with other medicines as recommended by a physician.

Postpartum Debility

Like Dashmularishta, Jirakadyarishtam is also beneficial for increasing the strength and reducing the debility and physical exhaustion after the delivery. It supports joints and muscles, reduces stress and pain, and improves the feeling of general well-being.


Jeerakarishtam works well in diarrhea accompanies with heat sensation, burning sensation, stools with mucus content, and foul smelly stools. Along with Kutajadi Vati or Kutajghan Vati, it gives good results.

Loss of Appetite

Jeerakarishtam has an appetizer and digestive stimulant action, which helps to improves the appetite and increases the bioavailability of nutrients from the food by enhancing digestive capacity and absorption.

Low Milk Supply

Jeerakarishtam increases the breast milk production due to cumin?s galactagogue action and improves the quality of the milk by preventing and treating STANYA DUSTI.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Jeerakadyarishtam is beneficial when a patient has loose stools with mucus in the stool as the main problem along with bloating, gas, burning, insomnia (sleeplessness) and mild abdominal pain.

Digestive system

Since the main ingredient of Jeerakarishtam is cumin, which is known for improving digestion and reducing the abdominal discomfort and bloating, this medicine is considered highly beneficial in the management of gastrointestinal diseases. It detoxifies the body and ensures elimination of toxic products accumulated in the body. Jeerakarishtam is also used to reduce the frequent passing of stools, and indigestion. It can be used in relieving the symptoms of Malabsorption syndrome, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Dosage & Administration For Jeerakarishtam

The general dosage of Jeerakarishtam is as follows. Children?– 5 to 10 ml Adults?– 10 to 20 ml Maximum Possible Dosage?- 60 ml Per Day (in divided doses) Twice a day with equal amount of water

Precautions For Jeerakarishtam

  • No known side effects exist for this product.
  • It contains jaggery, hence it may increase blood sugar levels in diabetes.
  • However, very high dose than prescribed may cause burning sensation in stomach.
  • It is often used in the treatment of childhood complaints.

It is safe to use this medicine in lower dose, in children above 7 years of age. During pregnancy it is best avoided or can be taken based on doctor?s prescription. It can be taken during lactation period, because it is advised for it. Store in a cool place in tightly closed amber coloured bottle, protect from light and moisture.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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