Bakson B39 Cardio Pulmonary Drops (30ml)

For Breathlessness, Suffocation, Palpitation, Irritable Cough, Angina

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Dr Bakshi Baksons B39 Cardio Pulmonary Drops

Pulmonary (lung) and cardiovascular (heart and circulation) health are closely tied because they work as a team to oxygenate the cells and tissues of your body. Closely related disorders associated with difficult breathing, suffocation, ?oppression, palpitation, nervous irritable cough and many other symptoms are well relieved with it.

Indication of B39 Cardio Pulmonary Drops

Suffocation, cough, Weakness

Other Indications of B39 Cardio Pulmonary Drops

Palpitations, breathlessness.

Action of Ingredients used in B39 drops

Grindelia robusta 4x:?Acts on the cardio-pulmonary distribution of the pneumo-gastric in dry catarrh. An efficacious remedy for wheezing and oppression in bronchitic patients. Weak heart and respiration. Cannot breathe lying down. Lachesis 12x:?Sensation of suffocation and strangulation, Cough, dry, suffocative fits, tickling. Naja tripudians 12x:?Dyspnoea, inability to lie, Heart related conditions, breathlessness with

Dosage of B39 Cardio Pulmonary Drops

10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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