Bakson Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops (10ml)

Relief from Dry Eyes, Irritation, Burning, Eye Strain, Eye Strain

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Bakson Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops

Useful in Eye strain due to computer/TV watching, Corneal opacities, tendency of obscuration of crystalline lens.

Indications of Bakson Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops

Conjunctivitis and other inflammatory conditions of eye are treated with these drops. Bakson Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops reduces the Irritation and itching in eyes due to foreign bodies, vehicle smoke and environmental pollution.

Composition of Bakson Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops

Cineraria Maritima Q– It helps to strengthen resistance and clear away infections. Used in removing clouding of lens and also in the treatment of conjunctivitis. Euphrasia Officinalis Q?- Acrid lachrymation; bland coryza, Discharge thick and excoriating, Burning and swelling of the lids. Frequent inclination to blink. Kali Muriaticum – 10x?– White mucus, purulent scabs. Superficial ulcer. Corneal opacities. Calcarea Fluorica – 10x –Flickering and sparks before the eyes, spots on the cornea; conjunctivitis Magnesia Carbonica– 10x – Constant pain in eyes with watering. Silicea – 10x?- Aversion to light, especially daylight; it produces dazzling, sharp pain through eyes; eyes tender to touch; worse when closed. Vision confused; letters run together on reading. Styes.

Dosage of use of Bakson Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops

Instil 1 or 2 drops into the eye, 3 or 6 times daily.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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