Plum Olive & Macadamia Mega Moisturizing Hair Mask | Deep Nourish | Shea Butter | Hair Spa | Sulphate Free | Silicone Free Safe for chemically treated hair | 100% Vegan | 250g

  • SMOOTH AND SHINY TRESSES: Creamy textured deep conditioning mask that pampers your hair from roots to tips. Want soft & manageable hair? You are at the right place!
  • This hair mask not only strengthens your chemically treated, damaged hair but also deeply nourishes the scalp for a good hair day everyday!
  • Best part? It?s 7 Free- silicone free, paraben free, sulphate free, alcohol free, phthalates free, Zinc free, propylene glycol free.

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Vendor: Health Daughter

I care for your hair, deeply! A treat and not just a deep conditioning treatment, for your hair. Deep moisturizing, nourishing hair mask for dry, damaged hair made with love from olive oil, macadamia oil, shea butter and loads of other do-gooders for stressed-out tresses. This silicone-free olive hair mask moisturizes, softens and deep-nourishes chemically-treated, damaged, dry and dull hair. Use once or twice a week for hair that feels, and truly is, healthier, softer, and shinier! 7 Free! Good science for happy hair! Plum hair care is free from: ? Sulphates – so the cleansing is gentle ? Silicones – to allow hair to breathe & shine at its natural best ? Alcohol – so there’s no drying ? Parabens – we all know why! Carcinogens are a no-no! ? Phthalates – potential reproductive toxins ? Zinc – prolonged use of ZPT can irritate the scalp ? Propylene glycol – can be harsh to skin over the long term

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